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This page includes news articles, interviews, webcasts, and videos. 

In the News:
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Webcasts & Webinars:
Educating Long-Term English Language Learners, Education Week, 9/10/09.

Translanguaging Pedagogies in TESOL ClassroomsWith Tatyana Kleyn and Maite Sánchez. TESOL Virtual Seminar. October 19, 2016.


PictureAERA Centennial Lecture Series & Discussion Forums. November 30, 2016. (I’m a commentator and come in around minute 50):
Educating Immigrant Students and Emergent Bilinguals (In an Anti-Immigrant Era)
Speaker: Patricia Gándara, University of California, Los Angeles
Moderator: Sarah Garland, The Hechinger Report
Commentators: Philip Kasinitz, CUNY Graduate Center, Kate Menken, CUNY Queens College; and Steven Choi, The New York Immigration Coalition.

This was a presentation we gave virtually because we could not attend the actual conference in Spain. You can click the link to watch the video:
Menken, K. & Sánchez, M. (June, 2016). Translanguaging pedagogy as ideological stance in educational contexts of overt English-only policy. Sociolinguistics Symposium 21, Universidad de Murcia, Murcia, Spain.

Here are videos from CUNY-NYSIEB Seminars about Translanguaging etc.:
CUNY NYSIEB – Leadership Seminar 2 – Fall 2014
CUNY-NYSIEB Cohort 3 Leadership Seminar 1 – Fall 2014

And this is one talking about translanguaging in relation to the Common Core State Standards: